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Eyyy, first post. Gonna kick it off with some homestuck oc chatting. In comes my fantroll Graiey Bhergh, sagisces, muse of life, derse dreamer, has horns that curve around his head then shoot off into arrows, and he got a big ole cow lusus. Dunno what his land would be, maybe Land of Light and Water, simple happy things you need for Life. Maybe it starts out with floods and deserts and caves and darkness and he’s gotta go fix it up a la Johns windy thing. Whooomst are your oc’s :chinhands:?

:D i have a fankid! her name is mari megalos!! shes a prospit dreamer, and her guardian is Sis. she’s a muse of void. >;3. i dont have much else bout her

Eyyyy, I’ll talk about my oldest yet newest fantroll, Ramiel Ormazd. He uses the sign Caprigo, but he’s a mutant blood, with lavender-Indigo being the closest. He’s a Mage of Space, Prospit dreamer, and has fennec fox ear shaped horns. His lusus is a giant fox, bigger than a house. His land is the land of Clouds and Frogs, his fears and insecurities playing in on his land, so that he is forced to learn to overcome his weaknesses and heal himself from the pain he has suffered.

Oh hella yall those are awesome. Muse of void sounds like she could legit be pals with the eldritch beings haha. And I’m LOVIN that character development, ramiel is rad.

Ramiel has developed SO much, from a simple cute-loving naive boy that knew absolutely nothing to a leader twice-over. The poor boy has suffered through 11 different deaths three times over, and he can’t even speak of what happened, least he seem insane.

oh my god haha poor babey

I have a handful of fantrolls, but with no names only chumhandles, and very sparse info

lironeArco - blue or brown blood(?), uses bowkind

restEngrossed - likes sleeping, and i love the pixel i made for them

disintegratingOctaves - they have (he has?) some cool horns

tacetInsight - loves spy movies


Torten Malkas is and always will be my baby. my baby girl. Cannibal bastard. Her mom is a sea serpent. She brings back food a lot but Torten’s mostly gotta hunt herself and She’s Not Gonna Just Leave It There

YESSSs i love her

I just realized the land I’d do for me oc is Rose’s. smh

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